Two-Wheel Drive Christini 29er Fat Snow Bike Developed for Ride to South Pole – Bike Rumor

If there were ever an application for an all-wheel drive mountain bike, this is it. Christini’s been making mountain bikes with two wheel drive for quite some time, starting development in 1995 and selling the first bike in 2001. He’s even ported the tech over to motorbikes.

Now, he’s built  a custom version of his 29″ hardtail to accommodate fat bike tires and parts to support an upcoming attempt to ride a bike to the South Pole! The frame uses his patented system that runs an axle from a gear on the non-driveside of the rear hub, through the frame to the headtube, then down through the fork. In this case, it’s a custom titanium fork built by Carver Bikes in Maine. The trick will be to keep all the moving parts, well, moving in the arctic conditions.

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