Why AWD on a Bicycle?

What is the advantage of AWD for a mountain bike?
Climbing, corning, holding a tighter line, control on loose surfaces and over rocks and roots, snowy, muddy, rainy conditions…Unless you ride on dry pavement 100% of the time, there are situations where every rider could benefit from AWD.

Who came up with the idea for AWD on the bicycle?
In truth, companies have been attempting AWD systems on bicycles and motorcycles since the early 1900s. It wasn’t until the mid 1990s that Steve Christini finally perfected the concept and made it commercially viable. Who buys CHRISTINI AWD bikes? US and international bicycle dealers sell CHRISTINI AWD bikes to mountain bike enthusiasts, XC trail riders, long travel extreme riders, and racers.

What magazines have reviewed CHRISTINI AWD?
Mountain Bike Action, DirtRag, Bicycling, and many others over the years.  Check the media archive for more information.


AWD Technology

Will dirt harm the gearing?
After a year of continuous riding, you will see only minor gear wear if you continue to lube the spiral gear system. In fact the AWD system shows significantly less wear than the conventional drive train chain, deraileurs, and cassette. The precision aluminum gearing is hard coated and has the strength of steel for this particular application.

What is the Warranty?
5 years on the frame and 2 years on all drive system parts, including the bearings. Components and fork internals carry original OEM warranty.

How much does the AWD system weigh?
Approximately 1.7 pounds on the hardtail model and 2.3 pounds on the CHRISTINI AWD full suspension models and 5″ FAT with the U-joint assembly.

How much does the complete bike weigh?
Between 28 and 31 pounds (with pedals) depending upon the model.

What special care does the AWD drive system require?
In general, proper lubrication and cleaning is all that is required. Special care should be taken to keep the head tube gears lubricated, clean and dry. The rear clutch can occasionally be disassembled to ensure continued smooth operation. The CHRISTINI AWD service manual has complete service and care instructions.

Is the CHRISTINI AWD technology patented?
Yes. Christini Technologies holds several US and foreign patents on the unique CHRISTINI AWD system. US patent numbers 6,161,854 and 6,161,855 are two covering the AWD Bicycle and can be viewed at www.uspto.gov. US patent number 6,505,699 covers the AWD motorcycle design. Other US and foreign applications are on file.

Is the AWD technology available to other manufacturers?
CHRISTINI AWD has executed licenses in the past for its AWD system. In the future, other manufacturers may also become licensees. CHRISTINI AWD also sells its own brand of AWD bicycles and intends to continue to sell its innovative bikes to establish and grow the market.

Why does CHRISTINI AWD have limited fork options?
The AWD system needs an integrated fork crown and dropout to function.  Therefore, on the FAT bikes a ridgid Carbon tube is the logical option.  For the 29er’s, we have initially chosen RockShox becuase of our supplier relationship with SRAM.  CHRISTINI and we will continue to use the forks for technical reasons. In the future, other forks will continue to be evaluated for the CHRISTINI AWD products.

What other components fit the CHRISTINI AWD frameset?
Other than the fork, freewheeling front hub, and integrated headset, any standard component is compatible with the CHRISTINI AWD bikes.