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  • Two-Wheel Drive Christini 29er Fat Snow Bike Developed for Ride to South Pole – Bike Rumor


    If there were ever an application for an all-wheel drive mountain bike, this is it. Christini’s been making mountain bikes with two wheel drive for quite some time, starting development in 1995 and selling the first bike in 2001. He’s even ported the tech over to motorbikes. Now, he’s built  a custom version of his […]

  • Press Releases
  • Kate Leeming’s All-Wheel Drive Christini Fat Bike — International Mountain Bike Magazine


    How mad is this? Like nothing we’ve ever seen before! This custom-made all-wheel drive fattie has been designed and built for the specific purpose of powering explorer Kate Leeming across the Antarctic continent via the South Pole. In tandem with the standard drivetrain you’d find on any normal bike is a driveshaft linkage connecting the […]